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Check out some of our happy clients and what their owners have to say about us!

"I first came to know Angie as a valuable employee in my veterinary hospital over 15 years ago. Even then she was successfully pet sitting for our clients. To this day, Angie remains a long time client who continues to demonstrate love and compassion for animals. Aside from caring for her own four-legged family, she continues to foster multiple pets, always going the extra mile to provide for their needs!  Angie has become quite knowledgeable about pet health. Anyone who uses her services will find Angie to be trustworthy, dedicated and reliable.  She is someone who will care for other’s pets as if they were her own."

- Anne Mitchell, DVM

Angie is the best dog sitter we have ever had. She is like having me at home with my dogs, but better! Her helper, Ashley, is equally as great!  Her attention to detail is perfect. An example: One time I left her with missing doggie pills in the pill dispenser. These were important seizure medications for my Boykin Spaniel. She took a photo and texted it to me of the missing pills and then she was quick to find the bottle in the cupboard after I explained where it was located!

She loves my dogs:

My golden always would greet her at the door with a stuffed animal. One trip Angie saw that Nala could not find her special toy so Angie went out and bought her a new stuffed animal!❤️

Angie is so reliable and really cares about my pets. At my home, she has to take care of 2 dogs, and a 20 year old cat.  They have different personalities, special foods, supplements, medical conditions, medications, preferences and fears. She knows them so well! Just like if I was at home. 

❤️Thank you, Angie and Ashley!

-Margaret M

Nala, Boone, and Ruthie

"I have known Angie for awhile, and I am so impressed with her knowledge and care of her dogs. She has taken care of mine as well, and treats them as she would treat her own. They are always SO excited to see her. I am extremely particular as to who I have watch my fur babies, and I would never hesitate at any time to leave them with her. Angie is the best!!"

- Jackie B. 


Angie is wonderful with our three four-legged children.  We consider her as a Daughter, a loving Caregiver, and a top notch Business Woman.  She stepped in when I had health issues this year, and has been faithful, dependable, and a true friend to Pancake, Oatmeal, and Sherlock.  It is great to know we have someone who will look after our special friends if we cannot.  Thank you, Angie, for your dedication to making everyone's pet a member of your own family.  Keep doing what you are doing. You serve your community well.

-Linda and Karen G.

Angie definitely runs a 5 star Pet Sitting Business! After checking out her website I reached out to her on Facebook and set up a time for her to come meet our 2 Danes, Josie and Zander. First impression, this girl knows how to run a successful business! From her website, consultation, to the forms she has you fill out, she has covered all that goes into excellent pet care. I knew right off I could go on vacation and not worry about a thing and I'm the kind of Fur Mom that will forgo vacay if I don't feel good about who will be taking care of them! Everything went just as I thought, Top Notch! ♥ Angie sent me pics of my fur babies and kept me well informed of how they were doing :) Josie and Zander seemed happy and calm when we returned home; not frantic with whining and over excitement and this told me that they had been taken care of very well! ♥ Seriously, I could go on and on so lets just say I highly recommend

Homebound Hounds!

 -Kim A. 

Our vet recommended Homebound Hounds to us when our older dog stopped doing as well with traditional boarding facilities, and now we won't go anywhere else! Angie loves our dogs as if they were her own and I'm always more relaxed on vacation knowing they are living it up with her family. (Bonus - now we know our dogs LOVE kids - or at least Angie's :)). She has gone above and beyond for us many times, and her diligence and attentiveness have quite literally saved our dogs' lives. She's made vet trips for us, she always sends photos, and she is the most wonderful "Aunt Angie" our pups could ask for. We feel so lucky to have found her and can't imagine what we'd do without her! Homebound Hounds is THE best.

-Isabel A.

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