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Reservations:  ​Service will not be provided unless Client has communicated directly to HHLLC and reservations have been accepted.  A Service Contract should be completed and signed prior to the start of the first service.  After that, HHLLC will use existing contract for all future reservations.  HHLLC requests at least 48 hours notice prior to established Client’s departure, and 5 days prior notice for new clients.

Home Consult:  We will provide one initial complementary home consult.  This is your opportunity to introduce us to your pets, home, and routine; as well as provide us with keys to your home.  If HHLLC is requested to come back to your home for anything other than a scheduled service/visit, there will be a $10 charge for time and travel. 

Key Policy:  HHLLC requires a minimum of TWO working keys for all clients’ homes.  At least one key should be provided during initial home consultation.  No keys will be accepted under the doormat, hidden on premises, mailed by regular mail, or locked in home on last visit, with the exception of garage door openers, which are accepted as a second key and can be left locked indoors upon first and last visit.  Keys may be left on file with us, where they will stay locked in a safe, until needed.  Unless keys are provided upon initial home consult, a Key Pick up Charge of $10 per trip, will be added to client’s invoice for time and travel to pick up and drop-off key(s).  Clients not wishing to keep a key on file with HHLLC, will be charged a $10 drop-off fee after services are completed.

Payment:  Invoices will be emailed prior to the start of service.  Client must pay in advance by cash, check, or online via emailed invoice.   An additional fee of $8.00 per visit will be added for visits made on any of the following holidays:  New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve.  

Return Policy:  Client must contact HHLLC by phone (text is acceptable) immediately upon Client’s return home. It doesn't matter the time of day, just leave us a message.  Otherwise, HHLLC will continue to visit Client’s pet(s), and Client will be charged accordingly.  HHLLC will not issue a refund if Client returns home early, but HHLLC will apply a credit to Client’s account for future use.​  In the event you have to be away longer than planned, contact us immediately to arrange additional services.  You will be billed accordingly once service has ended.   

Cancellations:  We understand that things happen that cause plans to change. Once we have scheduled and confirmed your appointment, a fee may apply for cancellations to compensate pet sitters for time they set aside for your appointments.

  • Within 3 days of services: Cancellations may be made up to 3 days in advance of your scheduled service without charge.

  • Fewer than 3 days prior to the first day of your scheduled service period: Cancellations made with fewer than 3 days of the beginning of pet sitting services will incur a fee of 15% of the total service.

  • Within 24 hours of services: Cancellations within 24 hours of services will be charged full price for the first 24 hours of visits, then 15% for the remaining visit.

Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, please provide the name and phone number of a person living nearby. If we are physically unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, we will contact this person to request assistance.  We will contact you as soon as possible to keep you informed of these events.

Trespassers:  HHLLC has a No Shared Responsibility Policy in order to comply with our insurance policy. This means no other person should share pet care responsibilities (i.e. feeding, medicating, etc.).  The only exception to this is in the event of an emergency or inclement weather.

Vaccination Policy: Pets must be current on required vaccines/titers.  A vaccination record or proof of adequate titer levels must be provided.


Private In-home Boarders:  We will only board dogs in our home, that are under 35 pounds.  Dogs must be friendly, current on vaccines or proof of adequate titer levels, on heartworm and flea prevention, crate trained, and and potty trained (unless its a puppy).  We will not board dogs that are only trained to use pee pads.  You and your dog are required to first come to our home for a meet and greet to ensure your dog would do well in our home.  Drop-off and pick up times must be scheduled in advance, and occur between the hours of 8:30-5.  Any client that misses the scheduled drop-off or pick-up time, may be in jeopardy of forfeiting their reservation and subject to a convenience charge. Clients may request, in advance, transport to and from our home for an additional fee.

Emergency Veterinary Care:  Client will complete the Veterinary Medical Release Form, for HHLLC to use in the event of an emergency.  Client should also provide their vet with payment information to use, prior to their departure.  

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